Decision fatigue

I read that high-powered executives try to limit the number of trivial decisions they have to make each day, so that they can save their mental energy for the important decisions. They have a rack of identical suits, they have tightly scheduled routines, they let someone else order lunch. There is actual science behind this. … read more Decision fatigue

The big bang bang bang bang POP!

My big sister Ann was so excited to take me to my first fireworks display. I was almost two years old and I liked pretty things – she figured I’d love the sparkle and bright colors of the fireworks. After the first few fireworks exploded, I began waving my hands to cover my eyes, and … read more The big bang bang bang bang POP!

Certain kind of wind

ColdĀ that comes in the wrong month, big oaks have to bend, light that’s caught in the leaves, a certain kind of wind   Air from the Caucasus, memory of other breezes, uneven breath,Ā an old man’s sighs, homesick for an unknown place   Movement without purpose, shapes without form, stirred restless without progress, old movies on … read more Certain kind of wind