Claims on me

It’s a rather long list. Coffee table, stained glass lamp, two storage bins, Turkish stone vase, Baluch tapestries, stoneware crock and mixing bowls, fireplace, patio table, cantina lights, solar driveway lights, window blind … Twenty items, all told, that were damaged or destroyed in the past six months – when the tree fell, during house … read more Claims on me

Advice from my 90-year-old self

I had a talk today with myself – in the year 2049. Or at least, the 90-year-old me was in 2049. I did this because I was feeling stuck and unsure of so many things, as though I’m in my 20s again (horrors!). But then I remembered how I recently gave my 23-year-old self some … read more Advice from my 90-year-old self

The divided self

There is a split in my mind, in my love of life. It makes me crazy. Painting, photography, writing essays, singing … these make me feel happy and free when I’m immersed in them. But always the argument from the other side of the brain. That’s not enough. It’s not practical. You can’t make a living … read more The divided self

The worst job I ever loved

The worst job of 2015, according to an analysis by CareerCast, is one that I held for 12 years: newspaper reporter. That job was hard and often exasperating, but I loved the challenge, was fascinated by the people I met and stories I reported, and was proud of my profession. It seemed a perfect fit for my curiosity and my … read more The worst job I ever loved