Escape from Cleveland

On my trips to the 1st floor at University Hospitals, I looked out at this stone sculpture. It danced even in pieces. From some angles it flew. From other angles it seemed to be falling apart. Like Cleveland. We didn’t really want to stay in Cleveland for Tom’s in-patient rehab of two to four weeks. I’m from Ohio, I … read more Escape from Cleveland

The worst job I ever loved

The worst job of 2015, according to an analysis by CareerCast, is one that I held for 12 years: newspaper reporter. That job was hard and often exasperating, but I loved the challenge, was fascinated by the people I met and stories I reported, and was proud of my profession. It seemed a perfect fit for my curiosity and my … read more The worst job I ever loved

Day 65: The browser bully

Today I wanted to give Microsoft some money, but they wouldn’t let me. Because I wasn’t using THEIR browser. I know that sounds paranoid. You decide: I was trying to add credit to my Skype account. The website refused to cooperate. The bottom line from Skype support chat was that I should switch browsers. To Internet Explorer. Owned … read more Day 65: The browser bully