Drunken bees

One of the reasons I grow passionflower is to serve as a bartender to bees. They love the rich nectar of this showy blossom so much that they get drunk on it. The first sign is when the bee simply sits on the barstool without moving. Next, they get disoriented and can’t seem to navigate the bar, … read more Drunken bees

Day 60: When looks are fatal

My cousin killed this perfectly innocent spider yesterday because it was scary-looking. Good thing she’s never seen me after a Jeep ride in a hard rain. I felt so bad for that spider. I thought about her all day. She had a bright jaggy-patterned back and striped legs – a beauty, in her own way. But she got zapped with … read more Day 60: When looks are fatal

Day 54: Katy DID

I used to think that thunderous noise at night was cicadas, but I learned that it was katydids. Yes, those sweet-faced insects that look like a leaf. When there are thousands of them, they start to talk in rhythm, call-and-response. Some people think their debate goes: “Katy DID!” “Katy DIDN’T!” Whatever they are arguing about, it’s intense. … read more Day 54: Katy DID