Seven pairs of pants

Since I’ve lost 25 pounds, all but a few pairs of pants are now too big for me. So I still look fat, wearing all these baggy clothes. I hate shopping, though, especially clothes shopping. And ESPECIALLY pants shopping. Because you have to try on soooooo many pairs to find pants that fit right and that aren’t … read more Seven pairs of pants

The big bang bang bang bang POP!

My big sister Ann was so excited to take me to my first fireworks display. I was almost two years old and I liked pretty things – she figured I’d love the sparkle and bright colors of the fireworks. After the first few fireworks exploded, I began waving my hands to cover my eyes, and … read more The big bang bang bang bang POP!

Folding into comfort

I pushed a little button and felt myself sink back… aaaah! That’s the way I want to feel in my living room. Stretched out and relaxed. A little voice teases me: This is the kind of furniture old people buy. I’ve been spending a lot of time on our couch in the last couple years, particularly in … read more Folding into comfort

Day 95: Memory guts

When we lose a memory, where does it go? Inside the guts of a computer, the information is still there even if we can no longer activate it. That must be why I’ve kept this decade-old Vaio laptop in storage for almost five years. Couldn’t bear to just toss it in the trash. It holds … read more Day 95: Memory guts

Day 72: Wearing what I choose

My choices in clothes just never seem to work out. On the last day of kindergarten, Mom allowed me to pick what I would wear. I chose an emerald-green corduroy jumper with little evergreen trees all over it. It was June, too hot to wear corduroy anything. But I insisted on being granted this privilege of choice. As I … read more Day 72: Wearing what I choose