My blankie

Nov. 21: When I went outside to wait for the medics on the night my aneurysm ruptured, I wrapped myself in a steel-gray fleece blanket. It was just a quick grab on the way out the door.

But I’m so glad to have it. They let me keep it in the ambulance, at the hospital in Jasper, on the helicopter ride to Atlanta, and now in Emory ICU.

I’m sure it’s filthy and loaded with bacteria, though the color hides dirt pretty well. It looks a lot like a shar-pei dog and, now that I think about it, is probably dirty enough to stand up and bark.

No one has even tried to take it away from me.

The nurses spread it on top of my stiff cotton hospital blankets every night when they tuck me in. I don’t want to sleep until it’s over me.

It’s silky and cuddly, like a second skin inherited from a stuffed animal.

Soothing, warm and smooth. A little bit of home.

Looking forward to the day when this blankie is reunited with its tan twin at home.

All ICU patients should have a blankie.

Today’s penny is a 2013 for the year we bought our blankies.

[Written after the fact and published for Nov. 21]

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    1. They ARE such a comfort! Did someone give it to him or was it from home? There should be a nonprofit to distribute blankies to people in ICU!

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