The 12 gifts of Christmas

Tom and I don’t usually buy each other presents for Christmas. But today I got at least a dozen gifts. Wahoo! What a haul!

The first gift came at 7 a.m. when I woke up and got out of bed. I didn’t die 13 months ago, but even better, my brain is working again. That’s a gift I wasn’t so sure of, a year ago.

The second gift was that I looked over and there was Tom – alive, whole, able to walk and talk and laugh. Stroke didn’t kill him, either.

The third gift was that it was 67 degrees and we’ve had days with good solid rains. I’ll take a green Christmas over a white Christmas – or an orange Christmas for that matter – anytime.

The fourth gift was that we talked to Richard, like we do each Sunday. Tom has a whole new family and I love them, and I especially love talking with Richard because it’s like having another Tom around.

I got the other eight gifts in the afternoon. We took a walk.

First I got a set of paintbrushes

mostly filberts but a few fan brushes too,

and a big new paint set with 12 colors – just squint

so that you can count them all…

I got a really crazy set of bendy Tinkertoys that connect into a massive network.

I got a whole toy village with a bunch of little houses hanging from a cliff –

and I got a whole troupe of dancers – look at them pirouette!

I got a wooden monkey

and his fur is really soft.


I got a big bag of nuts, yum!

And some sticky gumdrops too!

All my gifts were tied up with really pretty curly ribbon.

Hope you got as many cool gifts as I did!

Today’s penny is a 2000. That was my first Christmas with Tom.

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