Compelled to what?

My body continues to surprise me. This time, though, it’s a good thing.

Today, I felt compelled … to … exercise.

I can’t remember the last time I had that feeling. Maybe it was in 1998, when I started running, and loved it so much that I thought I’d try to do a triathalon.

In the condition I am in – still struggling to get up after 10 hours of sleep, still never sure how I will react to anything, still unclear about how long this will take – you’d think exercise would require far too much discipline.

Yet, somehow, I couldn’t wait to get to the pool and start kicking my arms and legs. I did my abdominal strengthening, too.

I guess that this is the first time in a long time that I’ve seen such a direct connection between exercise and well-being. Most important of which is that the lower back pain eases and disappears when I exercise.

But just as important, going to the pool or for a walk or just doing at-home stretching has given me a sense of sanity. I can see my progress – doing 35 minutes in the pool instead of 20, walking a little further.

Come to think of it, this is another case of something that’s the same, only moreso.

Whenever I’m on a regular workout routine, I feel better. And I think, “Why do I avoid exercise?? It’s so good for me!”

I never felt compelled to do it, though. Until today.

The penny for today is a 1998, for the year I took up running.