Denim wrap-around

Wonder where your old jeans got to? They might be wrapping my dinner. We’ve been testing out services for delivery of ingredients and meals. A new one, Freshly, offers freshly cooked meals that just need to be warmed up. All their meals are gluten-free, no processed sugars, high protein, low carb. And they do really taste … read more Denim wrap-around

The trouble with food

My biggest struggle these days is something I used to love as a creative act: cooking. I make three meals a day, on as much of a schedule as we can manage in between medical appointments and trying to have a life, because it’s important in keeping Tom’s blood sugar regulated. But the restrictions mean … read more The trouble with food

From Montaluce to Booger Hollow

Since we have the X3, we can drive straight from our condo in the city all the way to Booger Hollow in the middle of the Chattahoochee National Forest. The ease of making this dramatic transition in less than two hours makes it especially fun. We decided to do that for Labor Day weekend, but … read more From Montaluce to Booger Hollow

Food fun

Dinner in a box didn’t used to be anything but KFC and other junk food. Today we got a delivery from Peach Dish, one of the new online services that offers fresh ingredients and easy recipes brought to your doorstep each week. There were snafus in the ordering process, so this box was unexpected. I had … read more Food fun

Not on the menu

Hospital food is notoriously bad and unhealthy. I remember being in hospital in North Georgia in 2007 and the choices were all deep-fried or heavily sweetened.  Tom and I eat pretty healthy food, especially in the last three years. We avoid sugar and processed foods, we eat whole foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, we go … read more Not on the menu

A diet that actually works

Today when I was dressing for water aerobics class, several ladies asked if I had lost weight. “Yes, I have!” I said. “Fifteen pounds in about two months.” “Wow!” they said. “You look great. How’d you do it?” So I told them. And now, for free and with no obligation, I will tell you. There … read more A diet that actually works

Pretty, and pink, and edible

The air is so warm and sweet, winter must be gone for good. Not just this year, but forever. The birds are singing their little bird hearts out, and the redbuds are bursting with blossoms. Those delicate pink flowers started to show all around Atlanta last week, already. They’re not out yet in North Georgia, but I plan to … read more Pretty, and pink, and edible