Off track with Google Maps

In one of my many apocalyptic visions of the future, we all have driverless cars and Google controls their routes. When Google has long forgotten its slogan, “Don’t be evil,” it begins to force people to go places they don’t want to. It makes people late for appointments so that they lose their jobs. If … read more Off track with Google Maps

Day 58: Unsocial

Because I’m a journalist, I’m required to like social media. And I do, for some things. But… Well, social media isn’t worthless. Twitter is ideal for sending and receiving news alerts and story recommends. Facebook is wonderful for getting back in touch with people you haven’t seen in years. LinkedIn is an exceptionally good venue for adding … read more Day 58: Unsocial

Day 33: Bookworm feast

My sister Ann and I are born bookworms. If it were allowed, we would move into the library – any library – and just live there, eating books. One of the things we really love about our annual Ohio pilgrimages is that our ancestry research takes us into two beautiful old Carnegie libraries – in … read more Day 33: Bookworm feast