Day 77: The T and me

It turns out that I, a cis, have a lot in common with transgender women and men. (Stop laughing, transgender people.) It started when I discovered how I completely relate to transgenders’ quandaries about clothes. I resent having to pick a gender every time I go out in public. I resent how conformity pushes at me. I want to … read more Day 77: The T and me

Day 75: Hand me down

Yes, that’s me, and no, I was not a refugee from Russia. I am the youngest of four girls, and we all wore hand-me-downs from our cousins and siblings. They were sometimes embarrassingly ugly and shabby, but we were not allowed to complain about this. “Your father works hard,” Mom would say. The implication being, Whatever … read more Day 75: Hand me down

Day 73: I was a bimbo once, and young

Ah yes, bimbo days. I had ’em. Froofy big hair, shiny fabrics, tight fit, high heels, makeup. Sometimes I cannot believe the things I wore – wore because I thought they made me look sexy, which I understood to be the main purpose of clothes. Here I am on my 30th birthday, wearing a dress … read more Day 73: I was a bimbo once, and young

Day 72: Wearing what I choose

My choices in clothes just never seem to work out. On the last day of kindergarten, Mom allowed me to pick what I would wear. I chose an emerald-green corduroy jumper with little evergreen trees all over it. It was June, too hot to wear corduroy anything. But I insisted on being granted this privilege of choice. As I … read more Day 72: Wearing what I choose