The fabric of Phil

There’s this T-shirt I’ve had it for 20 years. Can’t get rid of it. If I’d follow the advice of William Morris and countless decluttering experts, I should toss this T-shirt because it is neither beautiful nor useful. I was weeding out clothes today, and I tried again to put it in the box. Couldn’t do it. … read more The fabric of Phil

Day 73: I was a bimbo once, and young

Ah yes, bimbo days. I had ’em. Froofy big hair, shiny fabrics, tight fit, high heels, makeup. Sometimes I cannot believe the things I wore – wore because I thought they made me look sexy, which I understood to be the main purpose of clothes. Here I am on my 30th birthday, wearing a dress … read more Day 73: I was a bimbo once, and young

Day 34: The last time I left home

I left Ohio many times, physically and mentally, before I left for good in 1984. But I always knew I would leave. Maybe it started when I was very little. I used to play along the banks of the creek that ran through our front yard, and built imaginary villages from twigs, leaves, moss, and … read more Day 34: The last time I left home

Day 26: All is forgiven

The hardest part of moving from Ohio to Seattle was leaving behind all my friends. I flew back there to visit once in the first year, but after that my parents had moved to Arizona and my sisters were scattered in three different locations. There was nothing pulling me back. I was newly married, a … read more Day 26: All is forgiven