Day 89: A place on Mars

In The Martian, Matt Damon is stuck on Mars farming potatoes. I seriously envied him. You may recognize the landscape of this movie from Lawrence of Arabia – or from other movies about Mars, as well as another movie by Ridley Scott, Prometheus. And if you’ve been there, you know that reddish rock cannot be any place other than Wadi Rum, in … read more Day 89: A place on Mars

Day 72: Wearing what I choose

My choices in clothes just never seem to work out. On the last day of kindergarten, Mom allowed me to pick what I would wear. I chose an emerald-green corduroy jumper with little evergreen trees all over it. It was June, too hot to wear corduroy anything. But I insisted on being granted this privilege of choice. As I … read more Day 72: Wearing what I choose

Day 38: Miles for miles

Delta tells me that I have flown 246,875 miles in their planes. That’s trivial, of course – there are many people in the Million Miler clubs, and then there’s Tom Stuker, who’s flown more than 10 million miles on United. Still, it makes me tired to think what my total mileage would be if I added in United, … read more Day 38: Miles for miles