Giving thanks in old ways

If your Thanksgiving feast leaves you exhausted, here’s an idea you might want to contemplate for next year. The Virginia General Assembly in 1770 passed an Act to set “days of public fasting and humiliation or thanksgiving” throughout the state. Under this act, all ministers of the Gospel were to hold divine service and preach a sermon “suited to the occasion” … read more Giving thanks in old ways

After the fall

Mr. Benson is Tom’s roommate in rehab. He’s about Tom’s age, and like Tom he is tall and handsome. His eyes seem very sad. He has beautiful long eyelashes. He doesn’t smile – maybe he can’t. Three strokes and a subsequent seizure left him without much ability to speak. When he presses the call button for a … read more After the fall

Day 73: I was a bimbo once, and young

Ah yes, bimbo days. I had ’em. Froofy big hair, shiny fabrics, tight fit, high heels, makeup. Sometimes I cannot believe the things I wore – wore because I thought they made me look sexy, which I understood to be the main purpose of clothes. Here I am on my 30th birthday, wearing a dress … read more Day 73: I was a bimbo once, and young