Almost caught a phish

This morning I tackled the task of opening Tom’s mail. I was surprised to see that he’d gotten a Delta American Express card, since he already has two AmEx cards. Then I opened a letter from American Express informing him that his email address of record had been changed. I didn’t recognize that email address. There was … read more Almost caught a phish

The secret friend

You know when you’re little and you have a secret friend? Someone you made up but you tell everyone about them, play with their invisible self while talking to them, and insist that this friend is real? My sisters tell me I had a “secret friend” named Patty. At least I think that’s the name. I don’t … read more The secret friend

Day 77: The T and me

It turns out that I, a cis, have a lot in common with transgender women and men. (Stop laughing, transgender people.) It started when I discovered how I completely relate to transgenders’ quandaries about clothes. I resent having to pick a gender every time I go out in public. I resent how conformity pushes at me. I want to … read more Day 77: The T and me

Day 66: To the other side, from this side

Day 66 of a fetus: “External genitalia are forming, and after this month, it will have physically developed into either a boy or a girl (though its gender was determined at conception).” So says, which aims to educate pregnant women about what’s going on inside them. Except: Gender is not determined at conception.  A … read more Day 66: To the other side, from this side