The red buckeyes: An act of faith

This story begins seven years ago, with an act of faith. February 20, 2009 “I’m going to plant that red buckeye seed today,” I told Tom. Caught in my voice was that thin blade of iron resolution usually reserved for the worst tasks, like sweeping mounds of wet leaves off the decks. I had put … read more The red buckeyes: An act of faith

Identifying trees, part 1

It’s gray, cloudy, raining like heck. One of those days when you think that the sun itself is science fiction, and that nothing in the world will ever be right again. This is the best time to find a beech tree. Perfect conditions. Drive anywhere, and you’ll see nothing but beech trees. Because right now, they’re the only … read more Identifying trees, part 1

Branching out

Winter keeps invading my spirit. I rally and laugh, and then a cold wind knocks me down to burrow under layers of fleece. The singular gift of winter in North Georgia is the lovely lace of bare trees. White oaks, red oaks, maples, poplars, sweet gum, sourwood, their dancing arms and fingers choreographed to some music … read more Branching out

Day 17: Pennies from Dad

I’ve had a struggle the past few days with a tooth that’s gone bad and is throbbing with pain. I’m facing a huge dental bill that will wipe out my entire health savings account. This was making me feel poor and helpless and old, though I am not any of those things. I was just … read more Day 17: Pennies from Dad