Train of thought

At the beginning of recovery from brain surgery, I couldn’t pay attention long enough to read anything, play a game, or even follow the plot of a movie. I was afraid that would last forever. I have a subscription with Lumosity for brain-training games. They are designed to improve your memory, attention, flexibility, problem-solving, and speed. … read more Train of thought

The F Framework

Today I wrote the following paragraph – wait, have some caffeine before you read it to prevent from falling into a deep sleep. Activities for this project all fall under the standard indicators at the levels of element 1.3.5-8, and more specifically under 1.6.1-14, 2.4.2-5, and 2.4.2-8, of the F Framework Governing Justly and Democratically (GJD). … read more The F Framework

Honestly Amy

I admit it: I am an impatient and intolerant reader. Bad writing and stupidity will send me into a rant against an author after a mere page, and I have no compunction about ditching a book completely. I recently assigned myself to read memoirs written by survivors of ruptured brain aneurysms, since I’ve been thinking … read more Honestly Amy


What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, according to lots of people who saw it on the Facebook page of Robert Elzey. They called this and similar photos that he shot in a local garden “gorgeous” and “beautiful” and “vivid.” I’d call it overcooked. This was apparent even to a non-photographer, who said, “I don’t like the color … read more Overcooked

Sad stories

The top three bestsellers in Amazon’s “Memoirs” category: A young neurosurgeon gets cancer and dies A young woman grows up next to Rocky Flats, a secret nuclear weapons plant that is poisoning her town A letter from an African American man to his son, “a searing meditation on what it means to be black in America today” … read more Sad stories

It’s about time

For about a week now, I’ve been watching some free videos from the Self-Publishing School. Within the first minute of the first video, I was rolling my eyes at this guy, Chandler Bolt. So young. So enthused. So certain that he can make anyone a best-selling author. So obvious in his marketing style. So why … read more It’s about time