Azalea restored

I pull into the driveway at 9 a.m. – no dumpster filling half of it, no portaJohn on the car pad. I have a lot of cleaning yet to do before the movers arrive. Many hoursĀ ahead of directing the crew, unpacking boxes and putting things away. Before the day begins, I want to just look … read more Azalea restored

Late-night cleansing

It’s the day before Moving Day, when all our belongings will be moved back into ourĀ rebuilt house. The last interior work is being completed; the workers were delayed by snow, which made it impossible to drive to our house for four days. The empty house is filthy. When I walked in, the hired cleaner, David, … read more Late-night cleansing

Law-abiding but oblivious

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, from a legal standpoint. There’s a handicapped parking space, and the non-handicapped driver has parked in the adjoining space. However, that adjoining space is where the cutaway sidewalk and ramp come up from the parking area. By parking there, this person has completely cut off access to the pool … read more Law-abiding but oblivious

Separate but not equal

The northern suburbs of Atlanta don’t actually end. They just hit the mountains and crawl up the sides of them. In nearly nine years that I’ve lived here, I’ve watched new housing developments fill in land that was farms and forest. The prices on the billboards run from “the $200s” to “the $700s”. All the … read more Separate but not equal