What you can do tomorrow

Fellow citizens of the United States: No matter who you are or where you are, no matter your party or lack thereof, you can do more than vote tomorrow. Vote – yes, of course, if you haven’t already.¬†You can make sure you are ready to vote on ALL the positions and issues on your ballot … read more What you can do tomorrow

Law-abiding but oblivious

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, from a legal standpoint. There’s a handicapped parking space, and the non-handicapped driver has parked in the adjoining space. However, that adjoining space is where the cutaway sidewalk and ramp come up from the parking area. By parking there, this person has completely cut off access to the pool … read more Law-abiding but oblivious

Day 10: I think I might be an outlaw

While I was researching this project, I ran across some references to illegal uses of U.S. tender. But, as so often on the Internet, there were emphatic voices on both sides of this question, each insisted their understanding of the law was the correct one. Defense 1: It’s art, therefore it’s protected free speech. Defense … read more Day 10: I think I might be an outlaw