Turning off Facebook

This morning I felt that my grasp of reality was slipping away. I had to do something. I identified a major source of my disorientation: Facebook. When you spend hours scrolling through your feed and reading comment threads, your thought process starts to work that way – unfocused, trivialized, random, contentious, fact-free. That’s not the brain I want … read more Turning off Facebook

Like that

Some ladies in my community wear makeup to water aerobics class. They don’t like to get their coiffed hair wet either. If I were still in my 30s I might make fun of them for that … but we’re all getting older, aren’t we? They look nice when they leave the fitness center – unlike me, with … read more Like that

The secret to happiness and health

For 75 years, Harvard has been tracking a group of ordinary American men and their families. From the thousands of pages of research that this study entailed, they found out the secret of happiness and health. You can hear all the details in a TED talk, below, or … … you can read my summary here. … read more The secret to happiness and health