After the fall

Mr. Benson is Tom’s roommate in rehab. He’s about Tom’s age, and like Tom he is tall and handsome. His eyes seem very sad. He has beautiful long eyelashes. He doesn’t smile – maybe he can’t. Three strokes and a subsequent seizure left him without much ability to speak. When he presses the call button for a … read more After the fall

Day 55: The September 1st breeze

When I moved to North Georgia, I noticed that there was a certain breeze that arrived every year around September 1. A breeze that was not fresh like the breezes of spring, or humid like the hot breezes of summer. A breeze that bites with ice. It’s distinct from the lovely breezes that start cooling off the … read more Day 55: The September 1st breeze

Day 46: Signs of the end

A couple days ago, I opened the front door and there they were: the reddening dogwood leaves. This is the first sign that summer is ending. The goldenrod is already out, and soon it will be the ironweed’s turn. A few other plants are taking on the red tinge, too. The basil is only wearily … read more Day 46: Signs of the end