Dying beauty

When I got up this morning, all four of them were nearly dead. I was thrilled. Death has never been a taboo subject for me. In photography, I love shooting dead and dying things – old buildings, insects, cemeteries, birds, racoons. Last week I got this beautiful amaryllis as a gift. It was in full bloom. … read more Dying beauty

Day 49: I’ve seen better

The day started out well enough – extra time in the morning with Tom is the best way I can think of to ease into a new week. Nothing particularly bad happened during the day. Mostly routine, but not boring. But somehow, at 2:30, I felt like I couldn’t really do anything else today. I did, of … read more Day 49: I’ve seen better

Day 27: Uncle Ray and the gang

I don’t know what the collective noun for cousins is, but on the Schnellinger side it should be “a riot of cousins.” Eight brothers and sisters, born of my grandma Alma Schnellinger, had a total of 32 kids – and that despite the fact that two of the eight became nuns. The rest were typical … read more Day 27: Uncle Ray and the gang