Impatient patient tossed from hospital

Just 12 days after collapsing with a ruptured brain aneurysm, blogger Lisa Schnellinger has been released from Emory Hospital in Atlanta to the custody of her primary caregiver Tom Willard.

The discharge came two days earlier than previous optimistic estimates.

There were unconfirmed rumors of a threatened mutiny by Emory staff nurses if Schnellinger were not discharged before the weekend.┬áDoctors, however, claimed that Schnellinger’s recovery has been rapid, and justified her early release.

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Willard battled Black Friday traffic to get Schnellinger safely home and then half-carried her inside when her sciatica left her nearly unable to walk. He went immediately to have filled the large stack of prescriptions required for Schnellinger’s care and was not available for comment.

Schnellinger said she was “deliriously happy” to be out of the hospital.

“An intensive care unit is no place for sick people,” she said.

“I am looking forward to getting some sleep in the same bed as my darling husband.”

Further updates will be provided as they become available.


4 thoughts on “Impatient patient tossed from hospital”

  1. Lisa
    I just saw this posting and your last post. OMG, how awful and scary this must have been for you and Tom. I have taken care of many patients with ruptured brain aneurysms and it is a frightening experience. I am so glad to hear that you are home now and recuperating. Sending you strength and prayers and hope for a continuing speedy recovery.

    1. Maureen! Sure have thought about you a lot during this ordeal. I had brilliant doctors, great nurses … and a few nurses that were not so great ­čÖü but I could always imagine how well you would have handled me. Medically, I think my case would probably be pretty boring compared to some of the ones you have handled. But it has been a really educational experience. The hard part for me will be over the next month when I can’t drive and can’t work and generally I’m not supposed to do very much. So I’m trying to just appreciate the unexpected vacation. One things for sure, I am very grateful to be alive and I know exactly how lucky I am. Please send me your email and phone number (using the website contact form) so that we can catch up more in detail when I’m feeling up to it – I hope in a week or two. Hugs!

  2. I signed on to write you an email and see how you are, and I found this. I figure your sense of humor is intact and that you are well on your road to recovery! Hugs! Meryl

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