Giving thanks in old ways

If your Thanksgiving feast leaves you exhausted, here’s an idea you might want to contemplate for next year. The Virginia General Assembly in 1770 passed an Act to set “days of public fasting and humiliation or thanksgiving” throughout the state. Under this act, all ministers of the Gospel were to hold divine service and preach a sermon “suited to the occasion” … read more Giving thanks in old ways

Cross-cultural greetings

Art classes were half empty this week because it’s Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. I was oblivious to how many of my classmates are Jewish until these two days. This being Atlanta, I don’t think much about it; I’ve lived most of my adult life in big, multicultural cities. The lower attendance was a … read more Cross-cultural greetings

Day 82: Is the Pope Catholic?

I’m a recovering Catholic. I don’t think I’ve been to church more than a dozen times since I turned 20, and most of those were for weddings and funerals. But this pope, Francis. He is Catholic??? You might wonder, if you grew up in the era where Catholicism was all about damnation and guilt, and exclusion and … read more Day 82: Is the Pope Catholic?