Big and beautiful

The land came to us in waves of mountains, crests of forests, embracing us as we moved across it. I drove and drove and drove. More than eight hours of driving, through North Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and finally Virginia, to the place where Tom’s birth parents met. Although we were on interstate freeways, the … read more Big and beautiful

Cement truck

On our drive from the mountains to Atlanta, there’s a 10-mile road that has no opportunities for passing other cars. It’s too curvy, too many blind spots. It never fails: In a hurry to get to Atlanta, appointment that we’re trying to make on time – on this road, we will get stuck behind a … read more Cement truck

Off track with Google Maps

In one of my many apocalyptic visions of the future, we all have driverless cars and Google controls their routes. When Google has long forgotten its slogan, “Don’t be evil,” it begins to force people to go places they don’t want to. It makes people late for appointments so that they lose their jobs. If … read more Off track with Google Maps

Out of the mist

Buckets of water are hitting the windshield. I expect to see fish on the car’s hood. The forecast for home, where we’re headed, is freezing rain. The temperature in Chattanooga starts out around 38. Then we cross into Georgia, and the temperature drops a few degrees. As we head further east, closer to home, the temperature goes … read more Out of the mist