Lemon joy

This butterfly is not rare in Georgia, but I don’t remember ever seeing it before. Seems odd, given that its color is such a bright lemon yellow. This summer was the first time I’d noticed it flitting around. I never got a good look at it because I was always rushing somewhere. Today Tom and I finally … read more Lemon joy

Sounds like a dragonfly

Clouds of small insects floated above our heads. They didn’t try to bite us. Tom and I were kayaking on the lake. We stopped, floated, and watched them. They were too small and fast to identify – they were smaller than mosquitoes, a little bigger than gnats: As we talked to each other about how beautiful … read more Sounds like a dragonfly

The one-legged grasshopper

When we’re at the cabin, we sit around for hours, reading or just looking at nature. Booger Hollow is that kind of place. Sitting still, outside, gives me the chance to observe lots of insects. So I saw this guy. He was moving along the railing and I got closer to watch. Then I noticed he was … read more The one-legged grasshopper