The oak, falling – Part 2

I could hear the chainsaws across the valley a little after 8 a.m., and I knew it was at my house. I sat on Sara’s deck, looking out into the obliterating mist, and cried. She came out and sat with me. We talked and drank coffee. Finally, I got dressed and drove to my house, where a 10-ton oak … read more The oak, falling – Part 2

Uphill and alligators

I had to wait two weeks for the insulation company to schedule my job, but finally today was the big day. I was nervous – all the other house repairs hinge on this one. I kind of knew something would go wrong. A young guy from the crew checked in with me a couple times, first … read more Uphill and alligators

How I won the lottery

I almost didn’t buy a lottery ticket for the $1.5 billion Powerball. Good thing I changed my mind! Normally I don’t buy lottery tickets. Why should I? Didn’t need it. As I’ve often told people, I won the lottery already. At birth. I was born healthy, with two loving healthy parents and three loving healthy … read more How I won the lottery