Regaining pain

For about a month Tom’s been having pain in his right hand. Lately it’s gotten worse and affected his ability to do physical therapy with his hand. It limits his range of motion. Even wakes him up at night. It’s a crampy pain, “like there’s too much blood in my hand,” he says. And his … read more Regaining pain

What hurts about beauty

I slept too late and moved too slowly. When I gathered my seven pieces of colored paper, the shapes would not play. They sat stiffly in their rectangles and triangles, and waited for the time to pass until the daily call from Pakistan came and I had to answer it. After a lot of commotion, I … read more What hurts about beauty

A cold red cure

Imagine a treatment for pain that is easy, fast, simple, inexpensive, and has zero risks and zero side effects. Sound like science fiction? It already exists, and was approved 15 years ago by the FDA: low-level laser therapy. I’ve had two treatments, and those few minutes of laser did more to relieve my frozen shoulder pain than … read more A cold red cure

Watch over me

It’s only this week, now that I feel almost fully recovered from the brain surgery, that I realize what a big deal it was. Eleven weeks today, almost to the minute, since that aneurysm ruptured and I collapsed on the floor. I really did almost die. And the surgeons really did dig through my brain. … read more Watch over me

Day 96: To me, 1982.

Dear 23-year-old self, Who told you that you were “too tall,” anyhow? You are not taller than any of your future lovers will be. A tall woman with straight posture looks so elegant that men of all heights will jump to be with her. So stop slumping. Right now! It doesn’t make you shorter, it just makes you look … read more Day 96: To me, 1982.