Day 57: Spirits of light

I love photography because I love the light. When all else fails me, I can remain faithful to the light. These photos were taken in winter, when we cling to the scant light and try to amplify it, warm our hands by it. I was studying video tutorials today, and the endless details of formats, scanning and … read more Day 57: Spirits of light

Day 40: Wandering in the desert

Forty days. This will be my 40th blog post. Forty days: It evokes the image of wandering in the desert. My friend Sara, who is a photographer and artist, does wonderful montages with photos and figures. In one of them (partial version above), there is a man in a worker’s uniform with a push broom over his shoulder. He … read more Day 40: Wandering in the desert

Day 35: Powering down

When we were driving to the Cleveland airport yesterday, the traffic signals were out for miles and miles along the lake road. It was a bit spooky, but everyone was driving more cautiously. At intersections, people simply took turns, unregulated by police or lights. When I got back to Atlanta, Tom’s car battery was dead, … read more Day 35: Powering down