No reply

If I called and wanted to give you money, wouldn’t you call me back? It’s a “sales lead.” It means, Here’s a customer who wants to spend money with your business. Well-run businesses follow up promptly. Lately, I’ve had a run of small businesses that don’t get back to me. Makes me crazy. Nail Taxi: I’ve made three … read more No reply

A diet that actually works

Today when I was dressing for water aerobics class, several ladies asked if I had lost weight. “Yes, I have!” I said. “Fifteen pounds in about two months.” “Wow!” they said. “You look great. How’d you do it?” So I told them. And now, for free and with no obligation, I will tell you. There … read more A diet that actually works

Building a business around one question

You’ve probably gotten this email: “We value your business. Please answer our one-question survey…” The survey question is, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this product to a friend?” Take care how you answer. Someone’s job might be riding on whether you pick an 8 or a 9. In … read more Building a business around one question

Day 35: Powering down

When we were driving to the Cleveland airport yesterday, the traffic signals were out for miles and miles along the lake road. It was a bit spooky, but everyone was driving more cautiously. At intersections, people simply took turns, unregulated by police or lights. When I got back to Atlanta, Tom’s car battery was dead, … read more Day 35: Powering down