Even now

You can get a master’s degree. You can travel through 40 countries. You can confront governors and oil companies. You can edit the front page of a major metropolitan newspaper. You can start a news agency in Afghanistan. You can teach writing and reporting, editing and photography in 20 other countries. But you’re still a woman. … read more Even now

Something doesn’t add up

Since I was a kid, any time I’ve taken an aptitude test I score higher on math than language. My GRE score was highest in analytical, almost as high in quantitative reasoning, and lowest in verbal reasoning. Funny stats for someone who always wanted to be a writer, and whose career involved very little math. … read more Something doesn’t add up

Day 43: About breasts

Note: If you are less than 18 years of age, stop reading NOW and get permission from your parents to continue. Seems silly, right? But I don’t want to be sued for corrupting minors, or whatever the charge is when “offensive” content is published on the Internet. Though I’ve never been quite clear about why … read more Day 43: About breasts