A loud therapy

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! It’s that time of year when my tranquility is destroyed almost daily. I’ve always detested leaf blowers. From the first time I heard that horrible noise, I declared that all leaf blowers should be outlawed and their users thrown in jail. I can’t count how many times I’ve had a meditative hike, an afternoon … read more A loud therapy

A thousand fears

Saturday’s supposed to be the easy, fun day. The one where you just relax and do whatever you feel like. I spent most of the day nearly paralyzed with anxiety. Every thought leads to a fear. In the shower, I move very slowly, afraid of falling. I watch Tom warily, because I’m afraid he will up … read more A thousand fears

Inside and out

They ask how I am. I say that I’m OK. They compliment my haircut. I don’t show them the five-inch scar it hides. We talk for awhile, and they say it’s amazing how well I’ve recovered. Fooled ’em again. It’s been more than four months since the brain surgery, and most people can see no evidence … read more Inside and out


[Dec. 28] This morning, I had an anxiety attack from reading the description of my surgery. I had downloaded my patient record from Emory. It described the surgery step by step, in clinical detail. Four pages of detail. It was the first time that I realized what the doctors meant when they said the aneurysm was in an … read more Re-traumatized