Day 90: Still missing you

I was none too sure about you, Rob, when you sat down for the first day of orientation in Kabul. April, 2004: We were setting up Pajhwok Afghan News, the first independent news agency in Afghanistan. There were 120 staff to whip into shape. We had just two months before we’d be publishing daily content, and only … read more Day 90: Still missing you

Day 83: On the wind

Happy Birthday, Mom. You’d have been 92 today… but I think you don’t mind that you’re not here blowing out candles today. Because now you are an unfettered free spirit, after a lifetime in a conflicted body. For someone born in Monroeville, Ohio in 1923, you did pretty good. You loved music … it’s how you got through … read more Day 83: On the wind

Day 64: When I get older

For people of a certain age, the number 64 causes the Beatles song to immediately pop into our heads. When that song came out, 64 seemed like a truly ancient age. And now …. well, “When I’m 64” is less than eight years away from today, Day 64. Only 2,859 days. Not much more than a box of pennies. … read more Day 64: When I get older

Day 60: When looks are fatal

My cousin killed this perfectly innocent spider yesterday because it was scary-looking. Good thing she’s never seen me after a Jeep ride in a hard rain. I felt so bad for that spider. I thought about her all day. She had a bright jaggy-patterned back and striped legs – a beauty, in her own way. But she got zapped with … read more Day 60: When looks are fatal