Random beauty

Some days the beauty is unstoppable You just have to stop for it It began early, with the mist enfolding the newly naked trees That would have been good enough for the whole day The mist lifted, and I drove to our house, where the new roof is being put on this week… In the past, I’ve been … read more Random beauty

Denim wrap-around

Wonder where your old jeans got to? They might be wrapping my dinner. We’ve been testing out services for delivery of ingredients and meals. A new one, Freshly, offers freshly cooked meals that just need to be warmed up. All their meals are gluten-free, no processed sugars, high protein, low carb. And they do really taste … read more Denim wrap-around

The lives we lived

The stock market has crashed and ruined families are living in shanty towns, but you’d never know it from the home movies of William Kaliska. Watch them dance the Charleston,  go to a polo match, ride in a Goodyear “airship,” laugh at a garden party, throw ticker tape at a parade for champion golfer Bobby Jones. These aren’t … read more The lives we lived

Day 61: Smooth ride on a rough road

The road to Booger Hollow is about as bad as any road I’ve been on, including in Africa. We’ve actually named some of the tougher spots: Grand Canyon, Little Grand Canyon, Big Rock, Jagged Culvert. Booger Hollow is a 40-acre patch of private land smack in the middle of a national forest, where we have … read more Day 61: Smooth ride on a rough road