This is a DATE, right?

We had already gone out twice. We met for drinks at 7 in our neighborhood bar. The first time I looked at my watch, it was midnight. What a novelty, to spend that much time just talking with a man and not feel even a little bit bored. The next week, we had lunch at the neighborhood Mexican restaurant, and went … read more This is a DATE, right?

Don’t let this happen to you

The bath was hot, the lavender salts were fragrantly soothing, and I was truly relaxed. Ahhhh… CLANG! It sounded like something large had fallen over, but I heard it through the heating vent. I listened and heard a soft hsssss, like the heat had come on. I really, really want to stay in the bathtub. … read more Don’t let this happen to you

Day 60: When looks are fatal

My cousin killed this perfectly innocent spider yesterday because it was scary-looking. Good thing she’s never seen me after a Jeep ride in a hard rain. I felt so bad for that spider. I thought about her all day. She had a bright jaggy-patterned back and striped legs – a beauty, in her own way. But she got zapped with … read more Day 60: When looks are fatal

Day 43: About breasts

Note: If you are less than 18 years of age, stop reading NOW and get permission from your parents to continue. Seems silly, right? But I don’t want to be sued for corrupting minors, or whatever the charge is when “offensive” content is published on the Internet. Though I’ve never been quite clear about why … read more Day 43: About breasts

Day 26: All is forgiven

The hardest part of moving from Ohio to Seattle was leaving behind all my friends. I flew back there to visit once in the first year, but after that my parents had moved to Arizona and my sisters were scattered in three different locations. There was nothing pulling me back. I was newly married, a … read more Day 26: All is forgiven